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Olveston Historic Home

Olveston Historic Home


For this project I worked as part of a larger team to develop an immersive customer experience for the team at Olveston Historic Home with the overarching aim of engaging a younger audience with the house’s intricate history. Majority of the project was based around the theme of Dorothy Theomin’s ball that was hosted at Olveston house on the 28th of August, 1907 – 59 years before the house would be gifted to the City of Dunedin upon Dorothy’s unheired passing.


In order to attract the attention of families and youth, our team created a narrative surrounding this 1907 event and presented it via several different augmented reality based outcomes. Of these outcomes, two were designed to encourage families to explore the garden together and one was designed as a souvenir to be sold to visitors in the shop.


The two garden based experiences were split into different styles of augmented reality – video and audio pinned to specific locations around the garden and 3D modelled toys pinned to small photographic markers sourced from the Hocken Library. The video based experiences followed the narrative of the ball being hosted in the house and revolved around several imagined discussions taking place at the time – themes included politics, travel and technology. The idea behind the 3D modelled toys was based around the thought of Dorothy and Edward scattering some of their beloved toy collection around the garden for the younger guests of the ball to locate.


The final outcome for this project was the creation of a small, yet practical souvenir to be sold within the Olveston shop. We opted to create an accurate 3d model of the exterior of Olveston House and pin this to a photographic postcard as a way to mirror the augmented reality experiences created for the garden. This postcard would allow the user to relive the experience of Olveston house away from the site or, alternatively, share the experience with friends and family.