Branding,Packaging for SystemSlim




Systemslim is a health and nutrition company that was formed in 2003 around the ideas of weight management and healthy lifestyle choices. With a range of consultation plans and dietary supplements, the Systemslim brand already had a significant place within the national pharmaceutical market yet in order to continue to grow as a company, they identified a brand refresh would be highly beneficial.


The main aim for the project was to create a modernised logo mark that would be simplistic, yet distinguished and would still maintain a strong impact at a small scale. For general recognition and overall brand consistency, I decided to continue to use the existing colour palate of green and white for the main logo, the only difference being the updated logo uses a more impressionable green. For the finished logo, I have created a fully contained stamp-like mark that incorporates the ideas of both elements of the brand name – system and slim. The general idea of slimming is portrayed through the slight change in font weights between the two words and the idea of systems is referenced in a more technical manner through the illustration of the bounding box as a network connection structure.


To relaunch the fresh new branding, I was also asked to redesign the labels for three of the companies top selling products – Cleanse Plus, Weight Manager and Natural Diuretic. The general styling of the labels was to be uncluttered and easily differentiated from other products on the shelf. To achieve this, I styled the labels in a block colour manner for impact, and opted to use ingredient illustrations as opposed to photographic elements to create a sense of spatial clarity.