Branding for

Watsons Eatery

Watson’s Eatery


Located in the heart of the Wall Street Mall in Dunedin, Watson’s Eatery has quickly established itself as one of the city’s most inviting and unique cafes. All of the food at Watson’s Eatery is vegan friendly and the café caters to a wide variety of different dietary restrictions. This inviting and caring nature was one of the key points the owner wanted to reflect in the branding for the café alongside steering clear of stereotypical vegan and healthy imagery.


The final design uses a robust yet smooth script typeface as the main feature paired alongside a small friendly bird resting on a perch – this bird has lovingly been adopted by the staff as an onsite talking point and has been given the name Jeffery. This combination is balanced with a lightly rounded secondary typeface completing the logo and enhancing the friendly nature of the brand.